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Please see the Contact Us page of this website

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How is the paper measured? Do you charge by weight?

We charge by the box. By ‘box’, we're referring to a single ‘Bankers Box’, which measures 10”x12”x16.”

My paper is not in boxes! What do I do?

Bring your paper to us in paper or plastic bags, odd-sized boxes, bins or any other type of container. We'll measure it out once you arrive.

What about Staples, paper clips, Envelopes, Bound paper (such as check books and books) or spiral bound notebooks? Do I need to take those out or remove them?

All of those things are completely fine to leave in. What we do need to avoid is hard steel, such as a 3-ring binder or crowbar. If you have any hard steel mixed in with your paper, please remove it before you arrive.

Will you return my boxes if I want to keep them?

Yes. If you want them, you may have them back. If you don't want them, we'll gladly recycle them for you at no additional cost.

Do I get to watch you shred it? How do I know this is secure?

Yes, you can watch us shred. Additionally, we're proud to offer digital camera monitoring and a hypersensitive alarm system with 24-hour police department monitoring.

What happens to the paper after its shredded? Do I have to take it home with me?

All shredded/processed material is recycled with northern California recycling companies.

I have other questions. How can I get more help?

You can visit the Contact Us page on this website to discover more ways to get in touch with us. Feel free to visit our office as well.

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