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What We Do

We are committed to being a shredding company that focuses on serving residential and small-business customers. Our drop-off location provides a simple, quick and cost-effective service, keeping your business compliant with document destruction laws and regulations.

Fast & Convenient Service

Red Dog Shred provides instant service the moment you walk through our door. Watch your sensitive documents and media get shredded within minutes and leave with peace of mind. Protect yourself from identity theft the easy way, shredding only takes a few moments. Whether you’re on your way to work, coming home or between errands, time is no longer an issue.

Do Your Part

Every company has a legal obligation to protect your personal information. If you're not shredding your own personal information, you're creating a level of risk for yourself. Red Dog Shred is here to take those problems off your shoulders by shredding your documents while you watch and providing a receipt/invoice and certificate of destruction to you or your business.

Facing the facts about identity theft

Protect yourself, your employees or your customers from the risk of identity theft. It could happen to you as easily as it could happen to anyone. We make it easy to protect your sensitive information.

Proper e-waste disposal

In addition to paper, Red Dog Shred also provides a convenient way for you to recycle your computer's hard drive. Bring us your old computer and we will remove the hard drive and recycle it for a fee, helping to protect both the environment and your identity.

Proud to be part of Your Community

We have been serving your neighbourhood for more than six years. Save yourself time and money by visiting Red Dog Shred today.

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